Friday, January 27, 2012

So. Tired.

In the ongoing quest my physician and I are on to stop these migraines I've been having one to two times per week, I have started a new preventative medication called Amitriptyline. You are supposed to take it at night, before bed, since it can cause drowsiness. Well, that's a huge understatement -- even though I do take it before bed, the grogginess lasts through the morning and well into my lunch. It also gives me horrific dry mouth. The upside to that one is that I'm drinking more water, even though I drink quite a bit as it is.

I'm also sore from pole class. Having been out for a couple weeks due to illness has sapped a lot of my prior strength. It's frustrating to struggle with simple tricks I used to have mastered simply because I'm not quite as strong as I was before my lungs decided to go on strike. But you just keep going, keep pushing through. I'll get back to my former strength and then I'll get even better.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I just want to stay in and be alone for awhile to just decompress and unwind. I've been around people for over a week straight with no break except for when I come home from work. While I love my friends, it's time for "me" time. Old episodes of Hell's Kitchen are in order, methinks.

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