Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Long-Expected Update

So a little birdie by the name of Mother told me lately that I needed to update my blog. :) Since I am home sick today, I have some time to do so. A stomach bug hit me hard last night. I was up for about five hours feeling like death. I'm better this morning -- just had a piece of toast, so hopefully that will stay down and I can move on to more solid things. Slowly sipping on water as I go, too. I got pretty dehydrated. Doing some self-Reiki has helped quite a bit as well.

I've decided to return to college this year. For a very long time, I was struggling with a major, just like I was at 19. It was all very frustrating. I talked to my parents, I talked to friends, I took every career aptitude and personality test on the web available -- almost nothing was helping. I had too many options. When I was up in Milwaukee this last weekend for Midwinter Gaming Convention with friends, I talked to one of the best friends I have, Troy. He knows me better than anybody else. He thought the fact that I was getting so many choices could be a sign that I would be good at anything. Flattering, but it didn't help me narrow anything down. So I tried a different angle and asked him what he saw me doing.

He paused for a moment and then said he could easily see me as a holistic health practitioner. They use a combination of alternative health practices -- massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, aromatherapy, herbs, hypnosis, etc. -- to treat patients in tandem with traditional medicine. As we talked more about it and the college options available in San Diego, the more it seems like it fits me. When I asked Troy why he had chosen that particular field, he said, "I've seen a lot of subjects stimulate your mind. I've only seen two actually stimulate your heart -- horseback riding and energy work." It's kind of a neat marriage between all of the things I want -- to help people, to not be in corporate-land, flexible scheduling, to perform tasks that alleviate others' pain and discomfort without being medically invasive.

Troy's roommate actually teaches at a college in San Diego that offers this program and is accredited to accept my GI Bill. I spoke with an advisor yesterday on the phone who asked me some questions and then extended an offer to come back to the city and take a tour of the college, which I think I will do next month. They're also going to send me some printed brochures and catalogs. I feel very much called in this direction now that I know this training program exists. It just seems so natural for me. Plus there's a couple science courses involved (A&P and kinesiology), which I was looking at studying anyway for a change of pace.

I've been wanting to move to San Diego for a long time, and now I have the opportunity to study something that actually intrinsically motivates me and that I'm passionate about. I could even extend some of the practices to animals, which would be even more in my league. I already practice Reiki on the animals at the shelter and have seen some amazing changes in the residents who've been there longer.

In short, I don't believe I'd ever work a day in my life as a holistic health practitioner. :)

In other news, I am making another attempt to grow out my nails and stop my nailbiting habit for good. I've enlisted in the help of a product called Rejuvacote, which is supposed to help your nails strengthen and grow. I think knowing I have a polish on will help deter me from gnawing away. Intellectually, I know it's an awful and rather disgusting habit, which is why I'm trying very hard lately to break it. I think having weekly progress reports in the form of pictures will also help. So here is my starting point as of today (already coated my nails for the day).

Left hand:

Right hand:

Not the best quality pictures...a digital camera is on my list of things to buy in the near future. Should've asked for one for Christmas. But I suppose my birthday IS coming up...Mom, are you reading this?? :D

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