Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Adventures

Well, this is certainly the earliest my cats have ever woken me -- 5:45 a.m. Good God. As if another 45 minutes without food will kill them. I shouldn't even blame Cosette. It's McGee who's the instigator. Oh, well. I still love them to bits.

Anyway, I think this blog is going to turn more into writing/my Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) experience. I'll share some other personal things here and there, too.

I decided to go along with the cat alarm today so that I could brew a pot of coffee and keep working on the writing challenge Alivia presented to me -- a Halloween/scary short story under 5k in one week. Should be doable, right? Thus far I have a little less than 550 words and have barely begun to introduce the story. Actually, there's nothing scary in it yet. But as soon as I'm done with this post, it's off to work on that more. It's a good prep for NaNoWriMo, really -- getting used to deadlines and whatnot.

In other news, I decided a week or so ago to sign up for BBBS. It came from the United Way Day of Action. Davis Brown is a pacesetter for UW. They needed volunteers to read to elementary students, so I signed up. The experience was really awesome, getting to work one-on-one with a student. His name was Reys, and he was from Africa. He was also a pretty terrific reader, so that made it easy for me to work with him. He just kept bringing me book after book, and I just kept being impressed. At the end of the session, we were passed cards that expressed an interest in helping further with UW if filled out. I did so, checking off an interest in BBBS. A representative got in touch with me and informed me of both the community-based and the school-based opportunities.

I don't feel all that comfortable being totally responsible for another person's child for two hours, so I opted for the school-based. You meet once a week with your Little at their school for 30-60 minutes and correspond during winter/summer breaks. So I filled out the application and went through both the interview and the orientation. The orientation was actually just last night. I'm really excited to get started and share my experiences here with my loyal readers.

All right, enough procrastinating. Time to get back to work on that story!

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