Sunday, October 16, 2011


I failed the Halloween short story challenge. :( Oh, well. Horror/thriller isn't exactly my strong suit, anyway.

Haven't heard anything from BBBS yet. They're supposed to contact the Bigs after their orientation. I'm sure they're busy, though, and I'll probably hear back this week sometime. There were a lot of people at the orientation, and one of the school-based case managers is pretty close to having her baby, so I'm betting things are a little hectic there. I'm excited to get started!

I'm also excited to get started on NaNoWriMo. I have naught but a character name and a basic launch point, but I want to see where the plot takes me. I'm hoping this is the year I make that 50k mark.

Also, I'm trying to see about some volunteer opportunities this Thanksgiving. Since I'll be in Des Moines that Thursday, I figure I'll spend my time doing something good for the community. Soup kitchen or something. I've made a few inquiries, so hoping something will turn up. Also waiting to see if work sends out something about volunteers to work that Friday, which I would gladly take up for the double time. Family Thanksgiving dinner won't be until that Friday evening, so I'll have the time. Yay, money!

That about does it for now. Nothing really exciting, I guess. :P

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