Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello from sunny San Diego! I have so much to tell!

This term, despite my complaining about how dumb the classes were, turned out awesome. Straight A's, two of which are A+ since I had more points than the end weighted total (ie - overacheiver :P), plus passing Speed II. My schedule next term is going to be pretty damn nice. I have one day class, Speed III at 8:35. I have Freelance Procedures online and then Technical Writing on Monday nights for three hours. I'm not looking forward so much to the night class, but it's only one day a week. I suppose I could hack that. Hopefully this will allow me to be scheduled for a few more hours at David's.

But enough about school! Time to talk about my vacation so far.

The trip here was uneventful. Troy picked me up and we hit up Balboa Park for a little while. We saw the cactus garden and the rose garden, the promenade, the outsides of some museums. I felt we had walked a long way, but when Troy showed me our path on his GPS versus how large the park actually is -- whoa. It's a lot larger than I initially imagined. (That's what she said.)

The first few days were actually spent with loads of downtime. Troy had some homework to catch up on, so I happily put on my music and read. I found and finished Water for Elephants in two days. Highly, highly recommend it. It was really nice not having to do anything for once, to be able to sit out on the patio, enjoy the weather, and read to my heart's content. Ahhhhh. :)

Not to say we didn't catch up at all or have conversations at all during those days, but it wasn't nearly anything like yesterday. Well, I shouldn't say that. Those shorter conversations and revelations were the stepping stones for yesterday. The groundwork for the beautiful revelations I had and have been having.

Troy had an interview in Irvine on Wednesday, so after a morning of Kundalini yoga, we headed up there. We stopped to print off copies of his resume and for lunch at a Greek restaurant -- a first for me. He had a gyro and I had moussaka. I tried the gyro and was quickly jealous that I hadn't ordered the same. They are AMAZING. While Troy was at his interview, I wandered an outdoor mall within walking distance of the building he was in. I purused a lot of stores before finding myself wandering a Barnes and Noble. Of course. :P

When he was done, we decided to hit up Los Angeles, seeing as I'd never been there before. But once we got into the city, Troy's phone decided to take the day off, and thus we lost our GPS. Instead, we turned west and headed for Santa Monica to see the beach. It was very windy and the ocean was too cold to really get into without a wetsuit, but it was really nice all the same.

We headed back to San Diego, and in that drive I had what may have been one of the most important conversations of my life to date. There's really too much content to put it all here, but it was eye-opening, enlightening, empowering. The briefer talks we'd had before had been the gorundwork for this one large conversation. I learned a great deal. Wonderful.

Yesterday was a good bit of fun, too. Troy and I had delicious fries from this hole in the wall Mexican place in College Town. They were smothered in guacamole and had beef and cheddar on top. SO. GOOD. omg. After, we went back to Balboa park, revisiting the rose garden and the exotic birds for adoption. There was an umbrella cockatoo that really took to Troy the first time and again yesterday. I took some really neat shots of her cuddled against him, leaning directly against his heart chakra. :)

Troy's friend Chris, his wife Dee, and their daughter Evelyn joined us later and we all went for a long stroll in the park. Troy had to go to class, so Chris and Dee absconded me for a bit, taking me back to their place for dinner and a dip in the pool and hot tub. Ahhhh so great. Afterward we went to a karaoke bar where Troy met up with us a little while later. Lots of singing, billiards, and merrymaking was had, and a good time was had by all.

Today the four of us might get together again for more pool-going, but I'm not sure yet. Troy's on a conference call, but I'm enjoying writing this from just inside the patio where I can feel the breeze.

I really think I am falling for this city.

The weather, the cultures, the central location...there's just so much to take in and to do. The traffic is actually not that terrible compared to other cities, and the air is way cleaner than LA. You could go surfing one day, snowboarding the next, offroading in the desert the next, hiking in the mountains the next...really, just endless possibilities. Not to mention the palm trees. I lurve them. :)

Until next time!

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