Monday, May 30, 2011

Post-Vacation Blues

I have them. Bad. This post is an effort to combat them and also to wrap up the end of my trip.

The day after karaoke, Troy had to work until early evening, so I took it upon myself to find a piano store in the city and sit down and play for awhile. It was great, but it made me miss my keyboard at home. I know, weird, right? Playing on a Yamaha baby grand makes me miss my electric keyboard? It's just a different sound and tone, I suppose. I came back before long and chilled out with some movies until Troy was finished. We ended up just staying in and vegging on the couch, and actually each of us fell asleep on it. Hey, it's vacation. :)

The next day (Saturday), Chris came over for awhile and all of us talked about GenCon and our characters. I'm pretty sure I'm going this year since I only have one day class this term -- yay! That was the reason I didn't go last year. I didn't want to miss class. But this year, I won't. Whoo! After Chris left, Troy and I headed out to this great Lebanese restaurant (fun fact -- it actually used to be a pizzeria that he owned). Yet another culture's food tried! Delicious stuff, I'll tell you what.

He was hosting a speed date event later that night and had to print off some materials, so while he did that at the print shop, I browsed a really neat bookstore. There were so many I wanted to get, but I ended up holding off. I knew I wouldn't have room for them in my bags. About that time, we found out that the speed date event needed one more woman or else it would be cancelled. I volunteered to step in and save the day, and I ended up getting to meet and talk to a lot of interesting people, not to mention simply having the experience of my first speed date. It's pretty fun, and a lot better than trying to meet people barhopping if you're looking for an actual connection with somebody.

After that, we went back and decided to soak in the apartment's jacuzzi for awhile. Yes, another hot tub. Bliss! :) Since it was my last night, we decided a trip to Sunset Cliffs was in order.

Oh. My. GOD.

We made it in time to catch a really gorgeous sunset overlooking the ocean. The climb to and from the cliffs was totally worth it. Pelicans flew overhead, and while it was a bit too overcast to really get some amazing colors in there, there were a few pinks and oranges. It was still incredibly beautiful. Definitely a moment I'll savor forever.

We stopped on the way back for In N Out since I'd heard from so many people that it was awesome. It was! I could move to SoCal just for that chain. :P Jokes. But it was delicious.

And then yesterday -- leaving day. We had breakfast at Denny's and then Troy dropped me off at the airport. The rest isn't really that interesting. I got back safe and sound, am all unpacked, and have been going stark raving mad in my apartment ever since. Apparently there is such a dilemma as post-vacation blues/blahs. I'm completely affected with it. I only work a couple of days this week, so hopefully that will help some. I'm thinking of picking up another part-time job just for the summer term, depending on how my schedule at David's will change with the coming summer term.

I wish I had pictures to show, but I found out that my camera is broken. It shuts off immediately after I turn it on. New batteries didn't help. So I'm without a camera for awhile. I'd really like to get another before GenCon, but GenCon is my next thing I'm saving towards anyway. Oh, well, I suppose we'll see.

I also wish it wasn't so humid out so I could go for a walk comfortably. That's one huge thing I miss about San Diego already. It was in the high 60's/low 70's the entire time, and there is no such thing as humidity there. Absolutely gorgeous weather and no awful winters.

It looks like Seabiscuit is not long for this world. I didn't think he'd make it to today, but apparently he's alive still, if barely. Poor old man, I feel bad for him. RJ did come in and feed him and whatnot, but he's around a year and a half. Pretty good for a fish.

I realize I'm griping a bit. I am grateful to have been able to get away for awhile and to have such luxuries and even the basic necessities of life. Compared to the rest of the world, I'm pretty spoiled, actually. The PVB's just need to go away. This post did help some. Changing my music to something more energetic than what I've been listening to helps, too. I wonder if doing my laundry will.

Hah, let's not get our hopes up. :P

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