Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Survey :)

Do you have an alarm clock? What time is it set to wake you up? Just the one on my phone. I have a couple alarms, one set at 2:35 and one set at 8:20.
Do you like knock-knock jokes? Meh. Not in particular.
Are you currently more hungry or thirsty? More thirsty.
Are you waiting on anything right now? For David's to call me and tell me not to come in...hopefully.
Do you prefer your singing voice or your talking voice more? Singing. My speaking voice is low and kind of gravelly. My singing voice has a much nicer, clearer timbre.
The last person you met for the first time: What do you think of them? She seemed like a nice enough person.
Have you ever been described as shy? Is it true? Not really.
Name the last awkward moment you encountered: Ermm...been awhile since one of those, thankfully.
If I could make you anything to eat right now, what would you want? I could go for a really good grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup.
Do you prefer earphones or the ear-muff style headphones? Ear muff, for sure.
What colour are your pants? Red with white puppies on them :)
Name something you're a complete sucker for: Puppies!
Do you type pretty quickly? Yes.
Do you remember when you first went on the internet? Yep, good ol' dialup on a Gateway in '95.
What do you smell of currently? Nothing?
What was the last gift you received? Chocolates.
Are you religious? Is this something you were raised with or developed? I don't like that term. And religion is frustrating. I like learning about other religions. I'm currently studying up on Judaism so I have some clue as to what Louie is saying when he starts talking about certain Jewish customs, holidays, etc. I do like a lot of what I'm reading -- how Judaism encourages its followers to question some aspects of the faith, how ambiguous a Jew can make G-d out to be (or even be agnostic), how many different sects of the tribe there are. As far as me personally, I don't identify with a faith. I'd say I'm pretty agnostic, but always keeping an eye out for some form of spiritual fulfillment.
When was the last time you saw rain? Um...a few days ago I think.
How often do you forget important things? I guess it depends on what you mean by important. I forget to put gas in the car sometimes. (Sorry, Mom!)
What is one way someone could completely put you off on a first date? Talking too much about himself and/or his ex, being rude to wait staff, taking a phone call during the date, being late, bad hygiene, no enthusiasm...I could keep going.
What about one way someone could make you like them more on a first date? Teaching me something new and interesting; making me laugh.
What was the last music video you watched? Did you like it? I don't even remember.
Do you ever buy people random gifts? (When it's not their birthday, etc) Sometimes.
Are you more prone to blackheads or spots / pimples? Pimples.
Do you fiddle with the phone cord when you talk on the phone? What phone cord?
Do you refuse to use public toilets? No. Definitely not a fan of them, though.
Do you save your online browsing history? Chrome saves it automatically.
How many books have you read this year? Since we're only four weeks into this year, I've only read one and a half.
Are you good at guessing things correctly? It depends on what I'm guessing! In general, I imagine I'm not any better or worse than most people.
If you could have any colour as your natural hair, which would you choose? Auburn.
Does your voice change when you talk to certain people? Yeah.
How often does your computer freeze up? Not very often.
What do you do when you're nervous? I flush red, my sentences get choppy and short, and my eyes tend to dart about.

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  1. You were raised in the Nazarene faith. Don't you dare run out of gas!!!!!!!!!!!