Thursday, February 3, 2011


So last night was an unexpected experience for me. I received an impromptu invite from Lou's parents to have dinner with them. After reassuring me that it wasn't the typical meeting-the-parents dinner and more of a casual hangout, I agreed.

When we got there, Dan and Rose were extremely friendly. One of Lou's younger brothers, Moses, was also there. I'd met him once before, and he's a likable young man. Dan asked me if I enjoyed spicy foods, and I strongly hoped that he hadn't made something spicy already. I didn't not want to eat. After I explained that my mouth physically can't handle the spice, he grinned widely and said, "Perfect." Whew! He ended up making three separate bowls of Chinese stir-fry of varying spice levels, which I think he was planning on doing anyway.

I got quite a surprise to hear another voice from behind me say hello. Lou's grandmother was also there to have dinner with us. I liked her a lot right off the bat, and I think the feeling was mutual, especially after I brought her a requested glass of wine before dinner. :)

As I was sitting down to dinner, I somehow set my wine glass down wrong, and it spilled pretty much all over the table. RED. WINE. I was completely embarrassed and started apologizing like crazy. And here in my last blog post I'd been saying it had been awhile since I had an awkward moment? D'oh! Even though cleanup delayed dinner by about five minutes, everyone was surprisingly cool about it. Rose even joked, "At least we didn't break out the good linens this time."

Then probably the coolest part of the night -- Rose played Dominion with Louie and Moses and me. Apparently Lou and Mo had taught her before. This happened while we drank coffee and had delicious lemon cake. Rose sent a chunk of it home with me.

Overall, it was a really chill evening. His parents did have a lot of questions for me, but it wasn't a typical interrogation, and my nervousness went away surprisingly quickly. I didn't completely relax -- after all, I always want to make the best first impression possible, so I kept a careful eye on my actions and choice of words. But it definitely went better than some meeting-the-parents dinners I can think of.

Even with the spilled wine.

PS -- You Capture coming soon!

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