Thursday, January 6, 2011


*General Randomness*
What's your mood like at the moment? Mellow. Wishing I didn't have to work and could put on some music and take a long bubble bath instead.
Did you wake up before 10am today? Yes.
Is it raining? No
Who was the last person you hugged? Is it sad that I can't remember? :(
Where were you last night at 11pm? Home.
Do you pick up pennies for good luck? If it has my birth year.
Do you know the lyrics of the last song you listened to by heart? It has no lyrics.
Who was the artist and what was the title of that song? Melodies of Life from FF IX
Who was your last call from? Kathy
Who was your last call to? Voicemail
Who was your last missed call? Dad
Have you ever donated blood? Yes.
Do you know your bloodtype? O+
What was your most unsual Halloween costume growing up? I never really had any unusual costumes.
Where did you go on your last vacation? Chicago
Where is your next vacation going to be to? I wonder if my Virginia trip counts as a vacation...I'm going to say yes, it does.
What does your mom do for a living? County clerk for the sheriff's office
What color is your car? Red
Were you born in the 1990's? No.
Are you over 18? Yes.
Have you kissed anyone in the past 24 hours? No
When was the last time someone cooked for you? New Year's
What is the nearest holiday? New Year's
Is your birthday within the next 6 months? Yes
How are things with you and your most recent ex? We don't speak, but it's not out of animosity, more of a "I need time to get over you so it's better we don't talk."
How old will you be in 2037? 49...aghahghaghgahhagahghghgahg.
Are you an aunt or uncle? Yes, six times over!
Do you know anyone who goes by their middle name rather than their first? Yes
How often do people mispell/mispronounce your last name? Pretty often if they use my first name. They'll say "Kathleen" most often, then it's "Katherine, Kathryn, Kaitlyn"...seriously people, if you took a second to look at it and sound it out...
Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 8 and type the first sentence: "I set myself therefore to work out a single text, selecting and arranging in such a way as seemed to me to produce the most coherent and internally self-consistent narrative."
What's the title of that book? The Silmarillion
Was the last person you shared a bed with male or female? Male.
Do you have any embarrassing nicknames? My mom calls me Katsie Susie Baby Dolly Dumpling, but never in public. Oh shit, I just put that on the Internet... haha.
Who was the last person to tell you 'I love you'? Mom
Do you think they meant it? Yes.
*True or False*
Your fingernails are painted: False.
You have your nose pierced: False.
You have a tattoo on your foot: False.
You graduated high school within the last 3 years: False.
You drive a car newer than a 2006: False.
You have littered in the past 24 hours: False.
You live on your own: True.
You have attended a private school: True.
You have had an x-ray in the last year: False.
You have run into someone while buying a 'personal' item: False.
You sleep with the door closed: True.
You have smoked a pack of cigarettes in a day: False.
You believe everyone deserves a second chance: True-ish.
You write in cursive on a regular basis: False.
You were single 2 months ago: False.
You have been in a relationship that lasted longer than a year: True.
You have been to Europe: False.
You have been to the Grand Canyon: False.
You have been to Yellowstone National Park: False.
You have been to one of the Great Lakes: True.
You have been to the Smokey Mountains: False.
You have freckles: False.
You have hazel eyes: False.
You have blonde hair: True.
You watch The Office: True.
You watch Gossip Girl: False.
You watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians: False.
You were born in April, August, or September: False.
You are a Saggitarius: False.
You are a vegetarian: False.
You have kissed someone whose name began with 'Z': False.
'N': True.
'K': True.
'D': False.
You have worked in a fast food restaurant: True.
Your best friend is of the opposite sex: True (one of my best friends is, anyway)
You live within 20 minutes of a Walmart: True.
You have liked someone and never told them: True.
You are in love with your ex: Yeah, that's probably true still.
You are wearing something pink: False.
You would go out looking like you do right now: True.
You are more productive under pressure: True.
You have had a near death experience: True.
You don't really know what you want out of life yet: True-ish

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