Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's been a very long time since my last update, and so much has happened! Guess it's time to start recapping.

Cinderella has been going wonderfully! Tonight is our second-to-last show, and it's completely sold out. Yaayyyyyy! I love full houses. It's a really great show, and I've loved being in my first DMPH production. I hadn't been on stage since April of '09, so I was long overdue. So much fun, and I made a few great friends because of it. And through one of those friends, I am now employed at David's Bridal. It'll be nice to have some regular income. :)

I'd been hemhawwing about joining Aspen Athletics recently, and was in a pretty low mood the other night. RJ stayed up with me via Facebook and was being his usual helpful self when he asked me what I enjoy doing now, what brings me happiness. I mentioned being onstage, but was sad that I couldn't be in another show for awhile because of bridal Christmas. Then I realized it was mostly the dancing. He asked about dance classes, but I wasn't sure about what I should take. Then I remembered Zumba and BodyJam at Aspen, which is like dancing for your workout. I decided to just take the plunge and join for the multiple benefits -- group fitness classes like the ones I mentioned, pools (YAY I EFFING LOVE SWIMMING), weights, and tae kwon do (for an additional fee). Plus I can go to any five locations in the DSM metro area. I won't really be able to do anything until I get back to town next week, but as I finish (okay, START) Christmas shopping today, I'll go ahead and redeem the membership. It'll give me something to look forward to. Maybe I'll enjoy exercising for once.

Well, it's nearly 2:00, which means I have about three and a half hours to get Christmas shopping started (hopefully completed) and to run to the gym before I grab Bradley and take us both to the show.

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