Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Survey time, kthx.

Would you rather deal with all your emotions at once, or none at all? I don't know...both would be quite unpleasant. But I think I would rather feel everything than nothing.
Do you like to climb trees? I loved to when I was little. It's been a few years since I've been in a tree, though.
Name your three closest friends. Sara, Amy, RJ.
In order to fall asleep, do you need the conditions to be perfect? Not usually. I fall asleep pretty quickly wherever I am. I usually do need some kind of background noise, though.
Do you get excited or annoyed when the phone rings? When I hear it ring, I'm just curious. Once I see who's calling, then I start to feel excited or annoyed, depending on the caller.
What was your last argument with your parents about? I don't know. We haven't had any argument for years.
When was the last time you cried and why? Last night, thinking about Jon leaving.
Do you prefer writing poems or stories? Stories.
Do you have a Tumblr account? (If so, what is the URL?) I don't even know what Tumblr is.
Were you ever in Boy/Girl Scouts? Yes.
What is the best kind of Girl Scout cookie? Samoas and Thin Mints are my favorites.
What's the best thing about Halloween? The candy.
Are you in love? Yeah, I am. :)
Have you ever questioned your own intentions? Sure.
What was the last dream you had about? A friend from the Playhouse was chatting with me on Facebook. The end. (How exciting, right?)
What's the appropriate age to have sex? Personally, I felt it was right to wait til I was an adult, ie eighteen or older. But I'm not going to say that that's right for everyone.
What type of movies can't you stand? Gory horror movies.
Do people choose to be gay or are they born that way? Born that way.
What city do you feel you belong in? I don't know for sure...Des Moines is cool so far, but I feel like I need an even bigger Chicago or something.
What were your grades like in high school? Good.
Is pornography evil or are you neutral about it? It's fine so long as you don't abuse it...
Do you prefer to be monogamous, or are you more a casual dater or swinger? Monogamy ftw.
What illicit drugs have you done? None.
Are you a friendly person? Yes.
Have you ever had a crush on more than one person at once? Do you now? Yeah, haha. Not now, though.
What's the best thing about teenage relationships? Uumm....probably just how carefree they are...not having to worry about much, you know?
What's the worst? No one knows what they're doing yet, haha.
Have you ever played the Tomb Raider games? No.
Are you a happy person? Yes, generally.
Do you like it or hate it when your partner is clingy? Since Jon is rarely clingy, it's kind of nice when he is. If he was clingy all the time, it would annoy me.
Describe your hair. Reddish-blonde, needs to be recolored. Shoulder length with sideswept bangs.
Do you want to have a huge platinum wedding or a small one? In between.
Which is worse: breaking up with somebody, or being dumped? Being dumped. It makes you feel so powerless.
Are you a healthy eater? Not really...though I've been trying to be better, lately.
Would you kiss a smoker? I have before, and it's just gross.
Beatles or Rolling Stones? I'd say Beatles, but only because I know more songs by them.
How bad is your temper? Depends. Usually I'm all right, but some days I get agitated easily.
Who is your favorite relative? I'm closest to my mom, but I wouldn't call her my "favorite."

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