Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACV, Day 2 & You Capture

Okay, so diluting it more definitely helped with the taste. I've also been reading about sweetening it with honey, so I may also give that a try. With the less-disgusting taste, I may now consider drinking the ACV twice a day.

Also, I've been reading about how it helps to put ACV on acne areas topically. Apparently, the combined treatments of oral ingestion and topical application work miracles. I'm a skeptic, but we'll see. I'm almost out of my moisturizer, so I'm going to try something different from Sephora. The one I have now tends to irritate my skin, and Jon also hates the way it smells. It's like a dreamsicle, but he lovingly refers to it as "fire orange". :)

Speaking of orange, that is this week's You Capture from Beth at Folding Laundry.

My lamp. Yes, behold its glory!

The last of the aforementioned "fire orange". :)

That is all for today!

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