Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Because I can.

So, how's your day been? Not bad, not bad.
Do you ever watch pokemon? Hell no.
Ever feel just not that beautiful? Sometimes.
Have you ever kissed someone in front of your parents? Not that I can recall.
What do you do most everyday? Play my keyboard, Facebook.
What do you think is most overrated right now? Being tan.
Do you like sweets? Too much.
What flower do you think is most beautiful? Hrrmmm...I don't know, there's so many out there! Yellow roses are my favorite, though.
Can you play Guitar Hero on Hard? Expert, baby!
How many books do you think you've read this year? Quite a few.
Who knows your most darkest memory or secret? RJ.
Are there clothes on your floor right now? Nope.
Do you still Trick-or-Treat? No.
Ever played a prank on someone? I probably prank-called someone when I was like...eleven. Other than that, no.
Do you believe in Karma? Just to the point that what goes around comes around.
Ever stared at the underwear section of a store and gotten weird looks? Yeah.
Did you play with dolls when you were little? Yeah, Becca and I played with Barbies all the time!
What's your favorite food to eat? Too many to choose from.
Ever thrown a drink at someone just because? No.
How many minutes did you spend on your hair this morning? About ten.
Is anyone else in the room with you? No.
Ever done something that you still regret? Eh...nothing huge.
Have you ever broken something due to anger? Yeah.
When did you last cry and how did you stop? I don't remember.
Last movie you saw? Blood and Chocolate
Was it good? Yes!
Has anyone ever sang to you? Yeah.

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