Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great day.

Ahh, this is a wonderful day. Summer term is officially over. A nice, gentle rain is falling, keeping the temperature low. Wayne Gratz is playing on iTunes. (He's kinda like Jim Brickman, but focuses more on relaxation.) I've got a pot of coffee brewing with fresh-ground Caribou Coffee and Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer waiting in my fridge. If only I didn't have to work...oh well.

I think I've earned a survey.

What are you eating? or drinking? Nothing just yet. My coffee is still brewing.
Where are you? At my desk, in the living room.
Who's with you? No one, but that's all right.
What are you supposed to be doing? Nothing, really. Too early to get ready for work, and I don't have to do homework for three weeks.
What are you thinking about? Work...and how I hope it's a slow night so I can get some filing done.
Is anything worrying you? What? Not really, surprisingly! Well, Speed I is kind of looming in the back of my head, but I'm trying to push that aside for now.
What would you like to be doing? I'm good where I'm at.
Are you waiting for anyone? No.
Who do you miss? My parents and sisters, nieces and nephews, Sara, Amy, Carissa, Berger, Sinclair...
Is your hair done? Hah, no.
What are you wearing? Navy blue sweatpants and my Vet Corps tee.
What color are your nails? Natural.
Whats your sign? Pisces
Your age? 22.
Single? Taken? Married? In a relationship.
Looking or not? That's a no.
Favorite color? Red.
Favorite singer? Too many.
So do you have any kids? Nope.
Do you live with your parents? No.
Do you have any special talents? Depends on what "special" means. I have talents, but I don't know if any of them would qualify as special.
What religion are you? Not.
Is the rain better than snow? I like them both as far as being inside. I'm really enjoying this rain, but watching the snow fall last winter from my cozy apartment was super nice, too.
Are you bored? No.
Do you think your personality matches your sign? In some ways, yes.
What sign is your partner? Leo.
Do you think you match? Our signs are okay-ish as far as matching, but as people we match very well. That's why I say screw signs.
Do you even believe in that? No.

This or That:
Cupcake or muffin? Hard choice! I love both. I could go for a muffin right now though.
Juice or Milk? Juice.
Candy or chocolate? Um, isn't chocolate candy??
Neon colors or light colors? Light.
Pizza or burger? Burger.
A big mansion or you dream car? Big mansion.

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  1. I LOVE Belgian chocolate toffee creamer! I actually just ran out yesterday and was super sad. Now all I have is boring old french vanilla...