Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy productivity, Batman!

This week has been extremely productive for me! Let's recap, shall we?

Monday: Slept in, but went to work. I should've warned that as far as productivity went, it started out rather slowly. But hey, I made $50. :)
Tuesday: Slept in again, but went in to work on my day off. Granted, I originally went in to get my paycheck, but I ended up doing filing paperwork for three straight hours.
Wednesday: Went to class (hooray!), paid the extra fees for summer term, got my fall term schedule (details below). Went home and completed Medical Terminology for the term (two 50-question tests and one 100-question final), did all of my laundry, had the room inspection, and did FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS OF STENO. Yes, you read that correctly. Four. I have no idea what possessed me to do so much, but there it is.
Thursday: Went to class...and that's about it for now. I work again tonight, but I'll do the hour and a half I have left for today's practice before that. Yep, I came in to class half an hour early to drill. Go me. :D

So my fall term schedule looks something like...

Technical Dictation -- Online -- Ms. Carothers
Speed I -- 9:40 - 10:35 -- Ms. Carothers
Real-Time Concepts -- 12:40 - 1:35 -- Ms. DuBuc

I'm a little worried for Speed I, though. We're ending this term at 100 WPM for literary and testimony, and 80 WPM for jury charge. When Speed I begins, we'll be at 100 WPM for literary (so no problem there) and 125 WPM for testimony and jury charge. /insertfreakouthere! However, I talked to my academic advisor about it, and she reassured me that everyone feels that way at first, and that people who have gone before me have dealt with it just fine. So that does make me feel a little better...maybe that's where I got the sudden drive to do a lot of practice?

In other news, I am making a conscious effort to quit biting my nails. It probably won't be easy, seeing as I've done it for as long as I can remember. But it's something I'd really, really like to stop doing.

And...I think that does it for me. Half an hour of class left, whoot!

EDIT: lolsurvey.

Have you had a productive day so far? So far, it's not too bad. Went to class, going to work in a couple hours.
Do you have a favorite extinct animal? If so, what is it? Never thought of it before...I'll get back to ya on that one.
Don't you hate it when you forget something in the sun and it gets ruined? Yes.
Have you ever had a tooth KNOCKED outta Yo' face? If so, HOW?! Nope.
Have you ever helped out in a 'suicide watch'? Yes, in the Army, my first night of reception. I was already tired as fuck because we got in around midnight and did stupid stuff for a few hours. Then I was about to crawl into my rack when a drill sergeant said, "Hey you, come with me." So I did and there was a room with four sleeping girls in it and another girl sitting in a chair. The DS told me to sit in the other chair and make sure the sleeping girls didn't kill themselves. Fucking wow.
What's worse: Having a big scar on your face or going bald? Why? It depends--can I wear a wig on my bald head? If I couldn't wear a wig, then going bald would be much worse.
Do you prefer Tin-foil or Plastic wrap when saving food? And, Why is that? Neither -- tupperware!
'Ever been to a Tupperware party? How'd that go? Nope.
Do you ever think the little unidentifiable bugs flying around have cameras inside them? No. That never occurred to me.
Do you like those 'cheekies' underwear? Yeah.
Do you think it is ever necessary to lie to someone? Sometimes.
The closest tree to where you are: What type is it? (pine, maple, etc) No idea.
Do you prefer to feel safe, or do you like to feeling of being in 'danger'? Safe.
Have you ever purposely mismatched your shoes? Maybe on "opposite day" of homecoming week. Or if I was trying to decide between two pairs.
What is your favorite comic book/graphic novel based movie? why's that? Spider-Man. Tobey makes such a great Peter Parker!
Do you prefer your music to be politics-free? Only always.
Have you ever slammed your WHOLE arm in the car door? How'd that feel? No, just various fingers.
Do you think any Gospel in the bible has artistic value? If so, which one? Interesting question. I've no desire to find out, though.
How many people do you think are in the world that are just like you? I can't imagine that anyone is just like me.
Do you know how many hammers are inside a piano? Nope. I know there are 88 keys, but for all I know, there are five hammers for every key.
The funniest thing you ever read on a public bathroom wall/door was: Eh, just random "call this number for a good time" or "x loves y"...traditional bathroom graffiti.
Is it immoral/disrespectful to photograph the dead? Why/why not? I don't know if I'd call it immoral...but it does creep me out.
What was the last thing you made out of felt? As in the material felt? I haven't a clue.
[hypothetically]Your daughter demands to wear only boys' clothes. Do you let her? Sure.
Where is your favorite place to sit in a movie theater? Middle-ish.
Do you have any band-aids on you at this time? No.
Tell me about something that is happening outside RIGHT NOW: A car drove past on Fleur.
How do you reply/react when people insult you or misjudge you? I try not to take it personally and just let it roll off my back.
Describe how your favorite type of weather makes you feel. I love warm, slightly-humid, sunny days with a breeze going through. Makes me feel happy...that's about the best I have.
When was the last time you ate a slice of stuffed-crust pizza? It's been quite a while. Maybe years?
If you had wings, what would they look like? (Fairy,angel, bat etc.) Like fairy wings, but not pastel or sparkly. Dark green or blue, iridescent.
What was the best part about yesterday? Being so freaking productive! Also, not having to work. :)

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