Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Survey says...!

After-work-before-bed survey. :P

Why did you last visit the doctor? I had swine flu and felt like death.

What was the last thing that made you feel proud and why? Passing my jury charge take with 99-100% accuracy, because that's a difficult thing to accomplish.
Do you like salt? Yup, too much, more than likely.
Do you think Kurt Cobain was assassinated? Don't know. Don't care.
Do you feel uncomfortable when people you hardly know confide in you? Depends on what's being confided. Sometimes certain things are okay with new acquaintances, and some things should be saved for more established friends.
Have you ever regretted what you said in drunken conversation once sober? Not that I can recall.
Is there anything coming up which you're dreading? Jon leaving. :(
Anything you're looking forward to? My next paycheck, lol.
Do you ever do tedious tasks just to keep your mind occupied? No, if I wanted to keep my mind occupied, I'd read or play piano or something enjoyable.
Have you ever lived with somebody with truly repulsive habits? No, but I did live with someone who was a total and complete bitch. Does that count?
Do you tend to say things because they're appropriate not because you mean them? Erm...what?
Did you hate it when people patronized you when you were a child? I don't know of anyone who didn't.
What is a word you hate? Irregardless. (I'm with Amy on this one!)
Do you have a favorite children's book? HOW DO WE GET TO THE ZOO?!
Have you ever been in a job where you didn't fit in with your co-workers? Yeah.
Do you need a wee right now? Assuming that "need a wee" means "need to pee," no.
Is there a certain noise/sound which scares you? No, but sudden noises startle me.
When did you last eat sweeties? Well, UK survey writer, if sweeties means candy, then...uh...awhile ago. I can't remember.
What was the last thing to upset you? Getting to the very last question of my 100-question medical terminology test and then misclicking out of it, then finding out I had to fill in ALL of the questions AGAIN. Ugh!
What was the last thing to make you happy? Jimmy John's. Yum!
Have you ever eaten chocolate for breakfast? Sure.
Do you like balloons? They can be amusing.
Out of the people you know, whose birthday is next? Jon's
Does that person have any plans to celebrate their birthday? I'm making him as nice of a dinner as possible...otherwise I don't think so.
Do you enjoy swimming? Very much!
When will you next go to the beach? No idea.
When at the beach do you like to swim in the sea? LOVE it. Why else would you go to a beach?
If you have pet fish do you bother to name them? My current fish has many, many names... Fish, Guy, You, Seabiscuit, Paddrig Wellington III....
Do you like adventure games like Monkey Island and Diskworld? Never heard of Diskworld, but Monkey Island was MAH SHIT!
Did you ever read the Terry Pratchet "Disk World" books? No.
If yes to the question above, what are they like?
Have you had to change a nappy lately? No.
Do you find your batteries always run out right when you need them most? Usually.
Would you like a holiday about now? YES. I miss summer vacations.
What's stopping you from going on holiday right now? Lack of funds and free time.
Do you keep your eggs in the fridge? Yeah, we keep them in the fridge in America. Generally.
Have you ever owned chickens? Nope.
Do you like classical music? Yeah.
When did you last listen to music? Driving home from work.
Have you ever seen "Canibal the Musical"? No.
Are your breasts sore? No, they feel pretty normal..what an odd question.

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