Friday, August 27, 2010

Lessons I have just learned about cycling...

1) Memorize where your brakes are. Don't just think you know -- know them by absolute heart. This will prevent many painful accidents such as the one I sustained today.

2) Get. Gloves. Prevention of road rash (fucking OW) and less gunk from my handlebars rubbing off on them (ew).

3) Get cycling shorts. Regular ones chafe. More ow.

4) Good call on wearing a helmet today. Probably saved myself a huge headache.

5) Don't follow another biker too closely. They probably don't know you're behind them and will swerve erratically in front of you, causing accident mentioned in #1.

6) Start memorizing which curbs are sloped and which are not to prevent sudden stops and screaming expletives in public.

7) My running iPod playlist works just as well for cycling, if not more so.

8) Cars hate bicyclers.

9) It is NOT as easy as it looks.

10) Despite the negatives of today, much fun was still had. Keep at it.

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