Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Mom did not get me candy this year...booooooo! Oh well, it's not like I need it after making a good bit of progress on my fitness deal! :)

I had a nice dinner last night with my parents, grandma, Uncle John and Aunt Mimi. Lamb, ham, cheesy taters, corn, and rolls -- yum! We talked and laughed and drank and watched basketball and had a really good time. Getting to see my puppy was also very nice. I miss having a dog. Stupid no-pet policy...

Also, it looks as if I probably won't get to see Amy or Sara while I'm in town. Amy's in Florida until tonight and Sara has Easter things to do with her familia. Sad face. I miss my friends.

Speaking of, I'm planning to take a quick weekend trip sometime within the next few months to see my best Army buddy, Jeff. He's been having a really hard time lately -- getting divorced (not his fault) and some medical issues. I'm also trying to convince him to move to Iowa when he gets out of the Army in July. I think he might do it, which would make me happy. Not seeing one of my best friends since January of 2009 has not been fun.

Let's see, something positive to end on...oh, I was on the Dean's list for last term! Go me! :) I'll have to write another post about the Career Fest AIB hosted last week and some very exciting prospects for my future to think about.

'Til then!

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  1. I hope my parents never stop giving me Easter candy...

    Grats on making the Dean's list, btw. :)