Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ahh break, I missed you so!

My winter break began on Thursday, and already it's been wonderful. Mostly, I've been relaxing with Jon at his place. We went to see the matinee showing of Avatar yesterday. HOMYGAWD. I loved it. I totally want to go see it again. I probably will sometime next week when I go to Burlington, as Dad wants to see it and Mom doesn't. Speaking of, let's just do a break schedule for the hell of it.

Tomorrow -- Go to Jon's sometime in the afternoon and stay the night.
Monday - Tuesday -- Come back home, pack up for my trip to Burlington, drop my fish off at RJ's. Depending on the weather, I might leave either Tuesday or Wednesday, but so far my plan is Wednesday.
Wednesday -- Leave for Burlington.
Thursday -- Christmas Eve with my immediate family.
Friday -- Christmas with my mom's side of extended family.
Saturday - Sunday -- Some family time and also attempted time to spend with Sara and/or Amy. I'll probably come home on Sunday.

I don't know about New Year's yet. Jon may or may not be at a party in the Twin Cities. If he isn't, I'll be with him. If he is...well, I'm not sure. Amy's working double shifts both NY night AND day. I haven't talked to Sara about it yet. I also might see what Becca's doing for it. At this point, it's really up in the air.

That's about it for me...I'm kind of tired, but I don't want to go to bed just yet. Maybe I'll play some more Oblivion. Sounds good.

PS -- I CANNOT get enough of the song "Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins. I even made an FFX montage with the song. ( It's sooooooooooo pretty. I'm just wondering when I'm going to get sick of the song. :P

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