Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My new blog!

Well, yes, I mean other than this blog. If you'll notice the list of links on the right side of your screen, the first one mentioned, "Prose and Ponder", is my new literary blog. I'm going to start posting regularly there soon, so make sure you check that/follow it as well. :)

I have one more final in half an hour, and then I'm done with my first term! Freedom! It smells so sweet!

Here's how the next couple of weeks look:

Thursday: Dinner with Jon and likely some late-night Rock Band.
Friday: Pack for the upcoming week away from Des Moines, hand over Seabiscuit (my fish) to RJ's caretaking while I'm gone.
Saturday: Dog training at the ARL at noon, possibly go to Jon's in the evening.
Sunday: Leave Des Moines and hopefully spend time with Amy and Carissa in Iowa City.
Monday: Arrive in Burlington and spend time with the parents.
Tuesday: Leave with my parents for Fort Worth, TX.
Wednesday -- Friday: Arrive in Texas and spend Thanksgiving there with family.
Saturday: Leave Fort Worth and head for home.
Sunday: Arrive in Burlington, say bye to the parents, then get back to Des Moines to start the new term the following day.

Whew! Busy, busy. I'll be bringing my laptop along with me and will be taking some pictures. I'll try to get them up on here, too, or at least on Facebook.

Time to get to my last final for the day. Expect the first post of my literary blog sometime later today. :)

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