Monday, November 16, 2009

Beginning Anew

In my previous blog, there were a lot of surveys and negative posts and rantings. Yes, I sort of stole the idea from Carissa to start a new blog, but I think it's a great idea. I'm done having a majority of my posts be constant downers and time-wasters. I don't expect to never have another survey or rant, but I don't want those to consume the blog entirely.

So, picking up where I left off...

I have one more full day left of classes tomorrow, and two finals on Wednesday, and then I'll be done with my first term at AIB. Yay! It didn't go as fast as everyone said it would, but that's okay. I'm excited to keep going. I only have two classes next term -- Microeconomics and Theory II. My Micro class starts an hour later than my current first class, so I get to sleep another hour next term! Hooray!

I'm going down to Texas with my parents next Tuesday for Thanksgiving...sure to be a fun time. Unfortunately, that means missing both Amy and RJ's birthdays. Maybe I'll stop by Iowa City on my way down on Monday, Ames? :)

It's even Facebook official -- Jon and I are in a committed relationship. It almost feels like new territory after having been single for eight months, but it's exciting nonetheless. I know all new relationships are (or at least should be!), but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy every exciting minute, eh?

Well, I should practice my speech once more, grab a quick shower, and head to bed. Good night!

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