Saturday, September 1, 2012

Days Nine and Ten

Whoops...missed a day!  So, on with the show.

What’s the strangest or most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during a session?

In an open pole class, I was going into a kiss spin.  I had to hold on with both hands instead of one, and as I leaned into the spin, one hand slipped off the pole.  It sent me off-balance, and I totally fell flat on my stomach.  Knocked the wind right out of me.  Pretty damn embarrassing.  It's such an easy spin.

Where do you pole: studio, at home, playgrounds, clubs? And why do you prefer pole dance there?

My studio.  I've never been able to pole anywhere else.  I'd love to have a pole at home, and even go to a bar/club where there is one and show off with some friends.  I do love the privacy and support of the studio quite a bit, though.  And I think if I had a pole at home, I'd never leave.  :P

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