Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day Fifteen

Post a picture of your awesome biceps, abs, or back!

I tried very hard to get a picture of any of these, but the camera on my phone isn't high-quality enough to capture the definition in my biceps.  And it's pretty much impossible to get a good abs or back shot by yourself.  Thus, I will give you a picture of Troy and me doing partner acrobatics at GenCon last month.  Because only the cool kids do exercise on vacation.  :)

This pose is called the back angel.  It's my very favorite to do with Troy because he's such a stable base.  I trust him wholeheartedly to keep me safe up there.  And it shows off my flexible back and lovely toe points.  And look at that definition in my calves.  Toot my own horn?  Don't mind if I do.  :D

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