Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best substance on earth, I tell you!

So I've had this entire week off of school for the holiday, which has both been great and a little boring at the same time.  I'm going to be ready to get back at it on Monday, but having had some time off to do anything or nothing has been great.  Watching movies on my new couch, cleaning, laundry, Diablo, not to mention a couple nice get-togethers in there.

I didn't get out of the apartment on the Fourth until the evening.  My friend Evan gave me a ride to a small party in Ocean Beach.  We watched the various fireworks around the area (and witnessed the bay fiasco -- all of the fireworks went off all at once, blazing the sky an amazing red color, and over in all of about ten seconds) before seeing the dedicated OB fireworks display.  Awesome.  And then in traditional OB fashion, we participated in the great marshmallow fight.  Awesome-er.

Then on Thursday, I went kayaking with some friends for the first time ever.  It was fantastic!  I love anything to do with the water, and I got to see some great scenery and wildlife -- a baby seagull, about six seals, and a ton of pelicans.  One swooped so low to my head that I felt the air current.  Totally thinking that this is going to be a new hobby of mine.  :)

Yesterday after my laundry, I went to another buddy's house where a small group of us played video and card games, had the most amazing guacamole ever, and had some drinks.  I learned a fun new card game called Seven Wonders and actually decimated everyone.  Science and warfare are, apparently, the keys to building a civilization.  Who knew.

I think I'm going to hermit today, possibly join some friends for laser tag later tonight.  I'm also celebrating my friend Alivia's newest published book, the second in the Illumine series, called Obumbrate.  I'm usually not a big fan of YA lit, but she's made me a fan of her style of it, and that's saying a lot.  She also has a few other books unrelated to the Illumine series coming down the pipe that I just can't wait to get my hands on.  GO LIVI!  DRINK ALL THE COFFEE AND WRITE ALL THE WORDS!  <3

That about wraps it for the time being.  Going to go do some journaling homework that I've been putting off all week.

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