Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had a great Easter weekend with my family. Dinner with my parents, sister, and grandma, then a two and a half hour Catholic mass...oy vey. I got through it just to see my dad become an official Catholic. It was actually pretty nice. It just made for a very long evening.

On Sunday, Mom and Scooter and I just lazed about the living room, reading and flipping between an NCIS marathon and the Cubs vs. Dodgers game. It wasn't very productive, but it was super relaxing. I even took a nap. :D I ended up staying Sunday night, too, which I hadn't planned on, but it was fine.

I'm glad to be back in Des Moines, but not so glad that David's has been cutting my hours way down. My manager explained that since we've slowed down so much, corporate has decided to allot the store 93 hours per week for the entire staff. So that's why I'm getting zero to three hours per week lately. It's kind of annoying, but then again, it is sort of nice to have the time off to do homework.

Speaking of, here's hoping that tomorrow's testimony will be the last one ever for Speed II! I'm trying hard not to be too nervous. We do have a couple more weeks left, so it's not do-or-die just yet. But still! I'm ready.

I should go do some more practice so that I'm even more ready. :)

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