Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to School...

It was a nice break while it lasted, but I'm going to be happy to settle back in to a routine for the next couple of months. I got my official grades from the school -- B and B+ and officially passed Speed I, so my GPA for the term was 3.17, bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.15. Go me! Also, I checked with the transcription room to see what takes I passed last term. Turns out I only got one out of five that I did, but that's still one less I have to do! One more literary, one jury charge, both of my testimonies, and a realtime. Phew! You can be sure I'll be hitting that machine hard this term!

Other than Speed II, I have Transcription Applications (at 7:30 -- yuck!), Career Foundations (only Tuesday and Thursday), and Ethics. It'll be a fairly decent schedule.

Carissa's reception is a week from Saturday! I'm super excited! There's actually a dress on clearance at David's Bridal that I've been wanting to try on. I may do that tonight. It's super cute! I told myself I wasn't going to buy a new dress since I had a few that would be just fine, but it's so adorable and it's on sale. I think those are two very legitimate reasons to at least go try it on. ;)

I've been looking on eBay for Rosetta Stone software. I've been really interested in learning Spanish (Latin American dialect), Chinese (Mandarin), and Arabic for awhile, but the software directly from the site is incredibly expensive. Actually, if you consider the amount of content in it and compare its price to the prices of classes you'd take at a college (not to mention books and transportation costs), it's pretty par for the course. But for a college student whose college doesn't offer foreign languages, it's outrageously expensive. However, there's some great deals on eBay. I'm hoping to scoop up a Spanish one in a day or so. No particular reason other than self-improvement, and perhaps the fact that many people I am meeting nowadays speak Spanish as their first language. Chinese is becoming more prevalent in the world as well, and if I ever got tired of court reporting/captioning, I could work for the government as a translator/interpreter/linguist if I knew Arabic. :)

I realize I'm probably making this sound as if I think learning a new language is a breeze. I realize it isn't, but I used to use Rosetta Stone in the Army, and it immersed me right away in the language and got me started speaking very simple phrases to my Hispanic sergeant before my discharge. I was really impressed with it. Hence why I'm gunning for RS.

Phew, long update! Time to do some practice and then head to a jam session at the UU Church!

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