Sunday, May 16, 2010

The end is nigh!

Well, the end of spring term, anyway. Just a brief form final and part one of CAT final tomorrow, theory final and part two of CAT final on Tuesday, and I'm still not sure when my math final is going to be. I'm hoping for Wednesday or earlier so that I'll be done by then. After that, Jon and I hit the road for Chicago the following Sunday, and then go to my parents' house for Memorial Day weekend. This month has gone by rather quickly, hasn't it?

Summer term won't begin until June 6th or 7th. Because AIB's financial office is silly, I won't get my schedule for it until tomorrow. Everyone in my theory/CAT class seems to have different schedules, so I'm anxious to see what next term will bring for me. I'm hoping for only two classes, but we'll have to see.

This weekend was really nice. I stayed in Ames until this afternoon with Jon. We saw Robin Hood (not too bad, I'd recommend it), had Chinese and got some ice cream cake, watched Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, and basically were just very lazy overall. Then when I got back I cleaned and am wrapping up laundry. I know, I'm so exciting...

I suppose I'm off again, then!

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