Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Days Twelve and Thirteen

Apparently, long weekends make me not want to update my blog.  :P

How has pole dance changed you or your life?

Many ways.  First of all, my body is radically different.  It isn't much lighter, but I take up less space -- ie, less body fat.  I'm no longer self-conscious in a bikini.  Many people have commented on my figure and asked if I've lost weight.  I am very strong for the average woman, and my muscles are toning up.  I am getting more flexible all the time.  My dancing has also improved, which has been a goal of mine.  It has also encouraged me to eat a more healthful diet and drink more water.

I have met many amazing people through pole.  It has grown from a fun exercise into a full-blown passion for the sport.  I can't imagine never not doing pole for the rest of my life.  I want to be poling when I'm 80!

Have you ever been injured because of pole? How?

Aside from bruising in all the usual places that all dancers get, not really.  Sometimes in certain grips, I can hurt my wrists and forearms, so I try not to do those.  I've fallen on my stomach (see previous post about embarrassing moments), but that really didn't injure me.  So I'm lucky enough to not have really seriously done any damage.  As long as you are taught with a qualified, knowledgeable instructor, pole is usually very safe.

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