Saturday, August 4, 2012

So content.

A quiet Saturday night in with coffee, cats, and music...perfect, really.  Guess I just have an old soul.  Don't judge me.  :P

So, let's recap what's been going on since July 14...not a lot, I suppose.  The second session of summer term starts next week, which is great because that means an insanely lighter schedule than last session.  I was going six days a week, and two days out of the week, I was at school for 8 hours.  Now I just have Asian Bodywork M/W, Upper Body Kinesiology T/Th, and continuing massage lab on Saturday mornings.

Been thinking about picking up a part-time job just for some extra jingle.  I've only applied to Starbuck's so far, but I'm not desperate, so if I don't hear back, it won't be a big deal.  May try some other places, but right now, it's just an idea.

Speaking of ideas, I've been really thinking about a tattoo for the last few months.  I was never opposed to them as long as what I got was meaningful.  For awhile, I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted on my body for the rest of my life.  Then in the last few weeks, I started getting some nice ideas.  But they were still "eh...maybe" designs.  Then I came across this.

From the moment I laid eyes on it, it spoke to me -- deeply.  There's a treble and bass clef in there as well as staff lines.  And I absolutely adore the piano-key wings of the phoenix.  Since I have always been and always will be a musician, this is totally a tattoo I could see myself getting.  I'm still going to sit on the idea for a few months while researching various shops around the city, but as Troy said, this is "one tattoo to rule them all."  I'm in love with it.

I started vlogging again!  If you don't have my channel, click here.  There's also a new LP in progress -- Assassin's Creed.  I've been a little lax on that since I had finals this week, but I'll try to record more next week.  But my vlogs are centered around my CFdom.  I may do some on other topics, though.  Just depends on what strikes my fancy.  I'm thinking I may do one on my coffee obsession.  :D

Kay, that about does it for now.  Bliss!

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