Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I attempted to transcribe a literary take from this week. Yeah, it didn't happen. My ink cartridge was deciding it didn't want to work very well, so my notes were extremely faint. Not to mention there were periods of insane gibberish that I simply couldn't decipher. Good thing Kay is letting us double up on our transcriptions next week. Usually you have to transcribe at least one take a week, but since this is the first week back from the break, she's cutting us some slack. Thank. You.

I applied for the bachelor's program and for financial aid for the next school year. My mom did my FAFSA last night, too, so everything should be in order for me to be good to go. My GI Bill benefits are ending in May, so I'll be needing to earn some more scholarships and grants to help out with that. My GPA is sitting at 3.15 right now, so I should be good to go. I've also been applying for scholarships via and am also applying for the ICRA Mary L. Brown Scholarship. Free money, yay! (Becca/Jenifer/Mom, can't you hear Dad? "But it's FREEEEE!")

Going to be a busy weekend! Between getting my steno practice in, writing four case analyses for Ethics, working, and Megan's birthday outing tomorrow night...phew. Good thing I worked ahead in my Transcription Application workbooks -- I have those assignments completed already! Yay for overachievement! :)

Now that school is back in session, I've been toying with the idea of possibly quitting at David's. But as long as the hours stay reasonable and I can work just on the weekends, it shouldn't be a problem. They're pretty flexible about one's availability.

I suppose that about does it for me. Time to continue my laundry and start on those cases.

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