Monday, January 24, 2011


So I really thought I rocked my 150 testimony last week for Speed II. I got it back today. 50 errors. Yeaaahhhh, not so much. Although I was told that that is pretty good for a first attempt at 150 Q&A, so I'm not totally bummed out.

I mailed my RSVP and booked my hotel room for Carissa and Brian's reception in March! I'm super-excited for it, especially because I won't be going alone.


It's true. Remember aforementioned-yet-nameless dude a few posts ago? He has agreed to come with me. We're still in that gray area of hanging out/spending time together but not in a hurry to define anything. Normally that would drive me a little bit bonkers, but I don't mind so much with him. Oh, I suppose I should probably offer a name for the curious masses, eh? It's Louie. Not a name you hear often, but it suits him. :)

Also, I'm getting a new dress for this occasion. I have one that would work just fine, but I am a typical girl who likes excuses to buy pretty new things, especially when I haven't bought myself any new clothes in ages. So there.

My first W-2 came in the mail today. So not looking forward to tax season.

Still looking for opportunities for this week's You Capture subject of Happy. Think, think, think...

That about does it for now. Peace out, yo!

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