Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tis a post!

Yet again, I am demonstrating my inability to be a consistent blogger. Oh well, not like many people read this anyway, right??

So let's see...quite a bit's been happening lately. Jon and I took a trip to Chicago, I took a trip to Iowa City/Cedar Rapids to see lots of friends and family, and summer term started this past Monday. I think I need individual posts to detail all of those excursions. You can expect to see them, oh, next month at the rate I've been going! :P

I've been applying for part-time jobs. This summer term schedule is so lax that I have a lot of time on my hands. So I've been sending my resume to office positions...clerical, receptionist, customer service, things like that. Might as well try for something I would actually like to do, right? I had a really great interview yesterday with Aflac for an office assistant position. They're supposed to get back to me next week sometime, as well as an eye clinic I applied to for a medical transcriptionist position. I only had a phone interview with the latter, so I'm not too sure. I've been sending out at least one resume a day to job postings online. Tough competition for admin around here, methinks...

Well, it's time to head to class now. I'll try to get posts up about Chicago and my IC/CR weekend before July. Ha ha.

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