Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love is always lovely in the end!

The title doesn't really apply to this post. It's just a nice song. :)

So, school is marching right along. I'm a little worried because I seem to have regressed from ending Theory III at 100 WPM to barely keeping up with 80 WPM dictations now. But I suppose it'll come back to me.

My online class is going great! I actually really enjoy the online structure because new material is posted on Monday, and I just take a couple hours out of the night to skim it and then take all of the tests for the week. That way I won't have to worry about it all the rest of the week. Smart, no? :) At least I think so, anyway.

Auditions for "The Drowsy Chaperone" are less than a month away! I'm pretty excited. I don't have high hopes to nab the role of Janet (one of two lead female roles), but I wouldn't turn it down! Trix is a good alternative...except I've been wondering if she has to be (or preferably be?) black, as in the original casting. Hrm. Well, even the chorus would be fun! It's a great show.

My quest for employment is slowly gaining some momentum. I had an interview with Aflac a couple weeks ago, and just received a call last Friday that I wasn't selected. I didn't really expect to be after hearing the hours -- they have the potential to cut into class time for later terms. I've got two more interviews on the line though, one with a foot/ankle clinic (clerical support) and one with Iowa State Bank (teller). Yay for applying to jobs I may actually enjoy! :P

Oh yes, the mystery trip! Jon took me to Dubuque last Saturday. It was lots of fun! We took a ride on a paddleboat on the Mississippi, which included lunch. Then we went to this reallllllyyyy steep cable car elevator thing. We rode down and at the bottom street there were a whole bunch of cute little shops. After getting ice cream from the candy store, we rode back up and then drove through a really nice park. Then, on the way home, we stopped at the Field of Dreams movie site! We played catch in the outfield and hit the ball and ran the bases...very, very cool. I'm extremely burned...silly me for not thinking of sunscreen! Well, now it's a bit better than it was. The tops of my arms and my chest are still pretty red, along with my nose and forehead, although the rest of my arms have tanned up quite nicely.

Well, Jon and I have a date to go bowling tonight, so I'd best get up to Ames! :)

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